IOANA GOMOI: Directing Your Future

IOANA GOMOI: Directing Your Future

#045 - Directing Your Future | Ioana Gomoi

This week's guest is Ioana Gomoi. She is a director with numerous documentaries and over 700 (!) music videos to her credit. She’s from Romania, and now lives in Beijing directing short-form documentaries for China Radio International (CRI), but she’s worked all over the world. Ioana has directed projects in Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, France, Spain, London, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, throughout Africa, and more. But she’s had a life-long fascination with China since she first visited as a little girl, and during a moment of contemplation after her 27th birthday, she decided to move here for a longer-term perspective. 


As I discovered, Ioana is motivated to direct more by a love of the art of storytelling than the money, so I really enjoyed hearing her perspective about why she does what she does. In the interview we discuss how we met very synchronistically; at the exact moment I was thinking to reach out to her to interview her for this podcast, she was writing ME a message asking to interview me for HER show, a video series called “Americans in China” that airs for CRI online. My episode of her show goes live later this week; I’ll post a link to it when it goes up on my blog and on our Facebook page.

I also found out yesterday that the episode of Fei Wu’s podcast, “Fei’s World”, that she recorded with me way back in December is posting this week also. Fei just got back to Boston after a trip to China to see her Mom, and my episode apparently fits with a lot of her thoughts on the cross-border experience, so I’m looking forward to hearing it myself to see what she adds in her intro. I’ll also post that one once it’s up. 

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