Crazy In A Good Way is the home of the "Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom" podcast, and the blog of host and creator Brendan Davis.

I started the blog as an online memoir of my unusual life, and the crazy events and aspirations that led up to me ultimately moving to China.

The podcast is a natural extension of this idea, except instead of me being the focus, the spotlight is on the wide range of guests I find who share THEIR dreams, goals, successes and failures, their best advice and their greatest fears as they pursue their own China stories. 

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- Brendan


- Loren Heinold: Venture capitalist, serial co-founder. Co-owner of Q-Mex, Mantra, Baozza!, others. Moved from Beijing to Dali to focus on food security and bringing sustainable farming to China.

- Jennifer Hsiung: Canadian-born and raised TV host, reporter and producer for CCTV / CGTN. Standup comedian. And busy mother of 3 who somehow makes it all work.

- Benjamin Saphiro: English poet and painter. Rock and roll singer, general provocateur, lover of and philosopher about Chinese culture. China's answer to Banksy.

- Steve Hoffman: Legend. Early-stage investor in countless tech companies. Founder/CEO of Founders Space, a leading Silicon Valley incubator and accelerator, which he's now expanded throughout China.

- Steve Barr: Former Hollywood screenwriter/exec, New Zealand resident, and "China guy". Has made countless trips to China to write or produce films for Chinese companies. Smart, intuitive, and reflective.

- Dominic Johnson-Hill: TV personality. Founder of iconic Beijing streetwear brand Plastered 8. Credited with single-handedly kickstarting the revival of NanLuoGuXiang, and taking Chinese street art international.

- Matthew Knowles: Film actor and TV host, singer, star. The first foreigner ever admitted to Beijing Film Academy's Acting program. Star of ASURA (2018), upcoming $100M+ USD Chinese fantasy film.

- Jesse Appell: Came to China on a Fulbright Scholarship to study xiangsheng under master Ding Laoshi. Has performed Chinese comedy around the world. Founder of the US-China Comedy Center. Rising comedy star.

- Coca Xie: A "reverse laowai" guest. Masters in Journalism from USC. Popular bilingual host / producer in US. Hosted 2017 Oscars red carpet for Mango TV. CEO of China Entertainment Group, Beverly Hills.

and more!