#022 - The War of Art | Ronald Paredes

This week’s show features artist and graphic designer Ronald Paredes. In it, we discuss the situation back in Ronald’s home country of Venezuela, what it’s been like to move and live in Nanjing for 11 years, his art and design background, charity and non-profit work and much more. Ronald has a serious passion to explore creativity in all its forms, and in his current and upcoming projects, he doesn’t shy away from the artist’s mission to explore life’s most meaningful, if painful, truths. 

Note that some episodes are like a packed PowerPoint full of bullet points on a highly focused topic, and those will continue. But sometimes, the interview ended up feeling much more like a conversation between friends, and I think this one is more in that category - in a good way. Ronald and I have talked a good bit on WeChat previously and it was late when we recorded this, so it didn’t seem right to artificially amp it up too much.

I also took a gentler approach to the edit again, leaving more of the natural pauses than I typically do in order to preserve as much of the natural feel as possible this time, because we had WICKED Skype issues. It’s hard to hear Ronald introduce himself up top, I had to cut out some otherwise great chunks that just didn’t clean up enough to be legible, and it still gets a little distorted or “hashy” in places, but Ronald is a thoughtful observer of life and I think the interview is worth saving and posting, so I hope you enjoy. 

Unpaid Plug time: saved this episode, and consistently improves so many others. I started using their service a few shows in, and their algorithms are basically magic. Their service made THIS episode usable (since the Skype demons tried their damnedest to ruin it) but for a better example of what their wizardry when the signal is better (but imperfect) to start with, check out (for example) the Steve Barr episode, which was recorded in a hotel room on my iPhone, but sounds like it’s in a studio

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