KEVIN GEIGER: Disney, Beijing Film Academy, & Magic Dumpling

KEVIN GEIGER: Disney, Beijing Film Academy, & Magic Dumpling

#041 - Disney, Beijing Film Academy, & Magic Dumpling | Kevin Geiger

This week’s guest is Kevin Geiger. Kevin is a founding partner of creative development company Magic Dumpling. Kevin has a pioneering, lifelong background in animation and VR, working on and off at Disney for many years both in Burbank and China, as well as building two versions of Magic Dumpling between Disney stints. He also owns a children’s book company called Peewee Frog that is doing some really cool stuff. 


Among all the great points that Kevin makes based on his extensive experience and perspective working here is the main, macro one - namely, that China IS changing, but that it won't change for YOU. We also discuss the point that you can’t view China and attempt to solve any challenges you may be having in dealing with or understanding it through an outside lens, especially a western one. To interact successfully and satisfyingly here, you have to gain some real local perspective and develop an alternate set of instincts that are relevant for this reality as it is, not what you imagine it to be. Lots of food for thought in this episode, and many good words to heed before diving into anything over here. 


But it's not all serious; in fact, it's mostly a fast, fun and (hopefully) funny talk, and I hope you enjoy it. Links to check out all of Kevin's very cool enterprises are in the show notes; if you're a China-curious creative, this episode is especially a don't-miss. 

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