Bonus Episode: EO “Seize The Future!” event

Bonus Episode: EO “Seize The Future!” event


On April 12, 2018, the Beijing Sanlitun Chapter of the Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) held an open event for both members and the interested public featuring 5 guest speakers who are all successful entrepreneurs in their field - and "Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom" was there to record it and bring it to you!

From the event invitation:

"Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) offer local entrepreneurs a fascinating look into future for its April’s learning event open to the Beijing entrepreneur community. “EO Seize the Future” brings together the Founders from 5 local start-ups to share insights about how they are targeting industries poised to grow into huge segments of China's economy."


- Brendan Davis

SPEAKERS (in order of appearance):



James LaLonde
CEO of Yoli

James LaLonde is a serial entrepreneur with a deep understanding of marketing apps to Chinese end-users both in the iOS/Android space as well as the WeChat native space. Multilingual and involved in software his entire career starting from Microsoft in the 1990s where he led the Japanese subsidiary to become Microsoft's first billion-dollar subsidiary. After a 15-year corporate career that culminated as CEO of a NASDAQ listed company, James decided to become an entrepreneur and started RTM Asia ( James has since co-founded two additional companies in China including Yodo1 (, the largest private publisher of mobile phone games in China, and now, Yoli, an innovative new way for learning new languages via WeChat.



Boonchai Limatibul
CEO of Namu Life

After graduating from Tsinghua University's MBA Program, Boonchai Limatibul worked on a number of entrepreneurial projects. Today, he focuses his talents on helping famous Thai brands build up their cross-border trade and expand into China. From a partnership with SNAILWHITE, a top Thai cosmetics brand, he built the leading cross-border trading business that enables Thai cosmetics brands to become successful in China. He is launching his own branded Thai products a based on market research to import into China later this year.



John Dietz
CEO of BangBang Pictures

John Dietz, Founder of BangBang Pictures, is onto his 20th Chinese film, and has collaborated with some of China's most successful directors including Xu Zheng, Jiang Wen, John Woo, Guan Hu, Da Peng, Sun Zhou, Deng Chao, Lu Chuan, and Han Yan. In the West, John worked on over another 20+ Hollywood films including the Harry Potter Franchise, Hunger Games, Terminator, and X-Men. John is respected and trusted by VFX and technology practitioners throughout Asia and around the world. His firm enables filmmakers to create VFX heavy Films, Television and Internet Web Series in China by supplying the planning, organization, and management needed to produce Hollywood quality entertainment within Chinese budgets.



Leandro Rolon
CEO of Defacto 3D Printing

Leandro Rolon graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), one the most prestigious architecture schools in the world. His desire to work on creative architectural projects led him to China, but his entrepreneurial side influenced him to follow his passion for 3D printing. As an architect, designer, and entrepreneur, Leandro sees 3D printing as a game-changing technology that shift's our perception of reality. He and his team are working on the future of 3D printed food to create a world of customized food that will be a more nutritionally matched to each person's needs while promoting a more sustainable food supply. The impact of this technology could be huge.



Jackie Luan
CEO of Lavector

Jackie Luan started Lavector Technologies after returning from the US where she taught Marketing as an Assistant Professor at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. Using her extensive knowledge gained at Yale (Ph.D.) and teaching MBA courses, she started one of China's first AI-powered marketing platforms to help large domestic and international companies acquire and retain customers in China. The technology enables real-time image recognition that allows clients discover consumer insights and drive loyalty. Its automatic content syndication service assists companies to acquire customers through location-based precision advertising. Her firm is taking Big Data to the next level.

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