FEI WU: Chinese Podcasting & Mastering XimalayaFM

FEI WU: Chinese Podcasting & Mastering XimalayaFM

#049 - Chinese Podcasting & Mastering XimalayaFM | Fei Wu

This weeks’ guest is Fei Wu. Fei is a “returning champion” guest, our very first who has now done two full episodes. I wanted to have her back on to specifically discuss everything she’s been up to lately related to China. In this episode we talk a lot about the dominant Chinese audio platform called XimalayaFM and Fei’s upcoming efforts to help bridge the gap for international podcasters and consumers to use and enjoy it. Note that I say “platform” and not “app”, because in the very Chinese way of doing things, Ximalaya isn’t “just” a podcast app. It’s a media universe unto itself, and if you want to be a big deal in China you’ve gotta get on it. Since Fei is a Chinese person who speaks the language but has lived more than half her life in the US and has run a successful English-language show for 3.5 years now, I think she’s pretty much an ideal person to help open that platform up to a more international audience.

On a personal note, Fei has definitely inspired me to find an intern and get “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom” up to date and active on Ximalaya again, but I need help. So if you are bilingual English-Chinese, have some spare time, and want to either earn college credit OR get an inside view at how we make the podcast donuts here, please get in touch!


[1:30] - B. Davis appeal for bilingual INTERN

[1:50] - BDC launch info

[2:15] - B. Davis e-book PREORDER announcement

[3:30] - “BFMK” PATREON announcement

[6:30] - Fei Wu trip to Zhuhai, China

[11:00] - Fei’s Mom contributes to Zhuhai charity auction

[12:45] - Zhuhai Red Cross efforts

[14:30] - XimalayaFM introduction & efforts

[17:00] - Fei on becoming a larger mix of cultures

[19:00] - Fei’s upcoming course to master XimalayaFM in ANY language

[22:00] - scope of XimalayaFM (500+ Million users; inclusive, WeChat-paradigm platform)

[26:30] - overcoming barriers to entry with XimalayaFM

[27:00] - XimalayaFM offerings

[28:00] - opportunity for English podcasts on XimalayaFM

[29:45] - creating themed sub-channels to collect “like” content

[31:30] - post-production demands of Fei’s World podcast

[32:00] - Fei’s XimalayaFM show format will be a beta at launch

[34:30] - being China-smart re cultural differences

[35:15] - Brian Koppleman (“The Moment” podcast; “Billions” TV show co-creator) as inspiration

[36:15] - change is good, embrace it 

[37:30) - Fei’s documentary film about her journey in podcasting 

[39:00] - how Fei’s World has transformed her, and some of her guests as well

[39:30] - Fei on the importance of self-care; wrap-up

[40:30] - B. Davis outro

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Special Thanks to Dov Simens!

Special Thanks to Dov Simens!

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