CLAUDIA MASUEGER: Making Fine Wine Fun in China

CLAUDIA MASUEGER: Making Fine Wine Fun in China

#013 - Making Fine Wine Fun in China | Claudia Masueger

“I’m a Swiss mountain girl coming from a village with 300 people. I arrived in China in 2008 with two suitcases full of wine samples and a will to rock the dragon.” - Claudia Masueger

This week's interview was a whole lot of fun, and the fact that wine was involved is only part of the reason. The real credit goes to the great energy brought to the table by my guest, Claudia Masueger. Claudia is the Founder and CEO of CHEERS Wines, a chain of retail wine stores based in Beijing. She is from Switzerland and her family has been in the wine business for four generations. Claudia combines her genetic wine knowledge, a big-hearted enthusiasm for life, a love of meeting new people and learning about them, and her business acumen in a way that makes CHEERS a true laowai success story in China.

CHEERS’ goal is to make wine drinking fun and affordable for the emerging new wine generation in China. When Claudia arrived in 2008, she had huge dreams for China’s wine market, and she’s made a big impact already. She first built a successful wholesale business with B2B sales, but a changing landscape and then a massive warehouse fire that shut them down for four months gave her time to reevaluate her strategy, and CHEERS Wines was born. CHEERS focuses on the retail consumer, selling high quality imported wines at affordable prices, and with a special emphasis on offering unpretentious wine education to customers so that they can feel comfortable learning about and enjoying wine from around the world.

Contact links and more information about Claudia and CHEERS Wines can be found below.

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