“If I Knew You Better” SHOW NOTES

Episode 015 - NICK CHENG | Not The Original Plan


Nick Cheng is a popular British comedian based in Beijing, and a natural storyteller. And he has some great stories to tell: some are funny, most are fascinating, and a few - discussing a family member’s suicide attempts, his coming out while a member of the Royal Navy - are wrenching. But all are worth hearing, and I am glad to share them with you on this very special LAST REGULAR EPISODE of “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom”, cross-posted here. Please enjoy!

NICK CHENG contact -
Email: nitehawk1704@yahoo.com

Episode 013 - MICHAEL NAKAN | Strengthening the China-UK Creative Connection


Michael Nakan is the founder of Clipper Media Capital, a London-based production and packaging company. He cut his Hollywood teeth on the US version of “House of Cards” and then in NYC at HBO before returning home to the UK to work in development for DARKEST HOUR director Joe Wright. He's also established a China office of his UK firm and is successfully bridging the gap between the two markets. A great talk!

MICHAEL NAKAN / Clipper Media Capital: https://www.clippermedia.co.uk

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Episode 012 - WEIKO LIN | Screenwriting Between Hollywood & China

Weiko Lin_online copy.jpg

Weiko Lin was born in Taipei, Taiwan, & he continues to work throughout Asia, but it’s in Hollywood that he’s really made his name. His upcoming book, Crazy Screenwriting Secrets(Michael Weise Productions, avail July 1) is both a solid art & craft writing manual, AND a knowledgable how-to on navigating the often-treacherous waters between China and the global cinema industry, as epitomized by Hollywood. If you follow the world entertainment business with any degree of seriousness, YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS SHOW. Just sayin’. Enjoy!

Crazy Final Cover.jpg

Episode 011 - FEI WU | Making Art & Reconciling the Expat Experience


Fei Wu is host of the Feisworld podcast & a documentary filmmaker based in Boston. She's been revisiting her China roots to support her artist mother, whose paintings illustrating Chinese literature classic The Dream of the Red Chamber made her famous. In the Intro, I also discuss the recent death of my father, but it's a fun and thoughtful show in general. Please enjoy this very special episode, and visit the full blog post for links and more.

FULL BLOG POST & LINKShttps://www.crazyinagoodway.com/home/fei-wu-knew

Episode 010 - STEVEN D. KATZ | Writing A Classic, Teaching Michael Jackson, & More

SDK WIX 3.jpg

Steven D. Katz has possibly the most eclectic background and resume of anyone I’ve ever spoken to. He caught his first big break debuting a short film on “Saturday Night Live”, pioneered the first digital previz system, became a writer-director-producer, was Michael Jackson’s personal filmmaking tutor, and along the way, he also wrote the classic textbook and reference Film Directing: Shot By Shot, published by Michael Wiese Productions. This is an EPIC show, cross-posted on “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom” as well, and a mind-blower. Please check out the more detailed blog post below, and enjoy the show!

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Episode 009 - ELLIOTT ZAAGMAN | Understanding China's Tech Environment


Elliott Zaagman has built a professional life as a writer, podcaster, investor in, & consultant to the leaders of some of China’s most famous (& infamous) tech companies. He appears in print & on-air internationally speaking truth about that environment. Ell co-hosts the China tech Investor podcast w/James Hull and has been on my other shows several times too, so we started from a place of comfort and dove deep from there.

Elliott Zaagman LINKS:
on Twitter: @elliottzaagman
on “How China Works”: http://howchinaworks.libsyn.com/025-investing-yingying-li-brendan-davis
on “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom”: http://bigfishmiddlekingdom.libsyn.com/066-tech-writing-leadership-in-china-elliott-zaagman / http://bigfishmiddlekingdom.libsyn.com/078-elliott-zaagman-on-podcasting-tech-ponzi-schemes-more-big-fish-side-dish

Episode 008 - STEVE “CAPTAIN HOFF” HOFFMAN | From Hollywood to Silicon Valley to China

Steve “Captain Hoff” Hoffman

Steve “Captain Hoff” Hoffman

Millions of people in the tech & startup world know Steve Hoffman as “Captain Hoff” from Foundersspace, a leading incubator from Silicon Valley that is now omnipresent throughout China. But very few people know that his FIRST career was as a development executive in Hollywood, and this is the first time Steve’s talked about all this in-depth since beginning his China adventures. The lessons he's learned from his success shaping startups & stories are invaluable, & applicable regardless of your vocation or location. This was a very fun and special conversation, so I hope you check it out.

FULL BLOG POST: https://www.crazyinagoodway.com/home/steve-hoffman-2019

Foundersspace LINKS:
WEB: http://www.foundersspace.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foundersspace/
“Make Elephants Fly” Book: https://www.foundersspace.com/make-elephants-fly/

Episode 007 - LEE CHEN | Acting, Education, & The Benefits of Emigration

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Lee Chen on “VEEP”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Lee Chen on “VEEP”

LEE CHEN's life story is more incredible than the many films & TV shows she’s appeared in. She got her start in a "Chairman Mao Thought" propaganda performance troupe towards the end of the Cultural Revolution in China, studied acting with Jeremy Piven’s parents at the Piven Theater Workshop in Chicago, & more.

FULL BLOG POST: https://www.crazyinagoodway.com/home/lee-chen


Episode 006 - CARL BRESSLER | From Detroit to L.A. & Beyond

Carl Bressler

Carl Bressler

CARL BRESSLER is an actor & advisor with an extensive career in Hollywood & a profound business network around the world. He studied acting with Stella Adler & learned agenting the hard way: face first. Carl is one of my closest friends & my most important mentor; if I had a big brother, it would be him. My life has expanded exponentially in large part to the positive example he’s set & the excellent guidance he’s given me over the years, so I'm thrilled to introduce you to him, too.

Carl Bressler on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlbressler/


Episode 005 - RAYMOND MA | Acting in Hong Kong, Hawaii, & Hollywood

Raymond Ma

Raymond Ma

RAYMOND MA is a talented and hilarious actor who has worked with everyone from Ali Wong and Awkwafina to Chuck Lorre and Aaron Sorkin. He was born in Hong Kong, discovered by Jack Lord on the original “Hawaii 5-0”, & lives in Los Angeles. This talk is funny, practical, & gets a little deep, too.

Blog: https://www.crazyinagoodway.com/home/raymond
Raymond Ma on IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0530882/


Episode 003 - STEWART CARARAS | A Real-Life Musical

Stewart Cararas

Stewart Cararas

STEWART CARARAS is a songwriter-musician as well as a music engineer & producer in Los Angeles. He’s from Monroe, Louisiana, and his road to Hollywood is positively cinematic. Great talk!

Central Command Studios: http://centralcommandstudios.com/team-view/stewart-cararas/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stewartcararas/
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3017157/
Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Stewart+Cararas


Episode 002 - FREDERICK TAYLOR | Directing Your Future

Frederick Taylor

Frederick Taylor

Frederick Taylor is an award-winning director & producer & the founder of Tomorrow Pictures (https://www.tomorrowpictures.com). I’ve known Fred for 30 years, but it was great to sit down with him and REALLY get into it all. Great first talk; enjoy! 

Tomorrow Pictures: https://www.tomorrowpictures.com